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technology to fuel the food of the future!

We develop and apply innovative technologies for the aquaculture, agriculture and waste water treatment industries. Our goal is to become a global leader in ecologically sound aquaculture technology applications and sustainable seafood production, while expanding the scope of the industry through total environmental synergy.

We are revolutionizing sustainable food production, one product at a time. The future of healthy food is in our cutting-edge technology solutions.

We have been actively developing technologies for applications in the aquaculture, agriculture, and waste water remediation industries. Through our technologies, we look to dissolve obstacles in order to produce higher quality products, reduce risk, and allow our Company to diversify and flourish. Further, with a concentration in sustainable seafood and produce production, we will use our technologies, methodologies, and systems in our own state-of-the-art farms.

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What we do


We design, develop, and apply disruptive, next-generation technologies for intensive, healthy and sustainable food production. As industry innovators, we strive to create technologies that resolve bottlenecks leading to increased production, faster growth, healthier products, and environmental sustainability. Through these solutions, we look to expand food production into areas that currently are not being used or are unavailable; to increase the amount of food production in a given space; and to reduce the carbon footprint of food products currently being shipped cross-country and worldwide.

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Our primary focus is aquaculture, and utilizing our technologies to help increase productivity and reduce cost. Our experience has led us to develop farms in unused water-acres (lakes, quarries, impoundments, bays, estuaries, etc.) as these untapped resources are vast, diversified, and readily available. With the proper technology they can serve as a reproducible, scalable model for global expansion.

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Our aquaponics system is unique in that it contains the patented Aqua-Sphere® fish production system as an integral component of a two part system. Fish production and plant production are separate systems but synergize through the use of fish waste as nutrients for the plants. We produce a variety of vibrant leafy greens and fruiting crops such as cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

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Bioponics is a sustainable, synergistic process which mimics nature by capturing and converting the “waste” from one or more production (fish, insects, worms, etc.) operations and utilizing it as feedstock for secondary and tertiary products such as organic fertilizers and produce, bio-gas, health supplements, livestock feeds, etc. The key to Bioponics is efficiency. Like nature, nothing goes to waste, everything is in balance, and each process “feeds” the next. Our Bioponics systems integrate three or more of fish, plants, insects, worms, etc. depending upon the need and application and market.

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Our products


As an applied technology company, we look to create technologies that make our farm sites unique, innovative, and competitive in the marketplace. Our Aqua-Sphere® fish production system and F.A.S.T.™ algae system have been featured on Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NBC 6 News Miami, Fish Farming International, and many others. Our technologies are first and foremost designed for our own use in creating farms to produce sustainable, healthy, all-natural fish, hydroponic produce, and algae in an eco-friendly fashion. In addition to our own operations, we will select other applications for joint venture or licensing arrangements.

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Our innovative farms utilizing the Aqua-Sphere® technology have the ability to raise a variety of fish and shellfish according to the climate conditions. Our initial site will feature hybrid striped bass, a premium white tablecloth product well-suited for restaurants and specialty grocers. The dark, thick bodied hybrid striped bass produced in the Company’s Aqua-Sphere system commands above average prices in the most competitive markets. Our fish is produced under strict standards. We do not use anti-biotics, chemicals, mammalian feed ingredients, and/or soy products. They are always harvested to order to insure optimal freshness and shelf life.

The hybrid striped bass is an extraordinary fish created by crossing a saltwater striped bass with a freshwater white bass (freshwater) produces a hybrid fish with the best of both species. It tolerates a wide range of temperature conditions, grows extremely well in freshwater ponds and cages, and attains a large size (15-20 pounds). The hybrid is one of the most desired species in the aquaculture industry and in the seafood market. It commands the highest price per pound of virtually all domestically produced species, including salmon. The thick white fillet is one of the most tasteful seafood products on the market. Local markets and restaurateurs commonly pay prices comparable to snapper, flounder and other top-shelf species.

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We have developed proprietary growing methods which successfully produce some of the highest quality varieties of lettuce; tomatoes; cucumbers; peppers and herbs available today. Our produce is all–natural, pesticide free and supplemented with nutrients from our fish. Our products are always picked when ripe, and immediately chilled before shipping. This procedure extends shelf life and provides customers with superior quality. This process produces some of the best tasting, nutritious herbs and vegetables.

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Our F.A.S.T.™ system produces both Micro and Macro algae (seaweeds) in conjunction with the Aqua-Sphere®. Concentrated, dried microalgae is an excellent feed ingredient for fish and livestock feeds, as well as a health food supplement. The microalgae we will produce includes Spirulina (65% - 75% protein by dry weight); Chlorella (high in antioxidants); and Dunaliella (high in beta-carotene) for their various extraction value. Macroalgae varieties will be produced in salt water applications at future locations, and will target the healthy supplement and aquarium markets.

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Steve Jobs

“Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century.”

Peter Drucker